With KashFlow’s invoice software, you can easily customise and edit invoices. The system can issue invoices automatically and notifies you by email when they become overdue – It’s the next best thing to having a PA, or a super-intelligent helper monkey.


  • Fully customise your invoices to match your business by adding your own details and logos, and remove and add different elements

Customized Invoices

  • Control the look of your invoices by adding your own details and logos and by removing and adding different elements.


  • Edit your invoices whenever and however you like

Add comment lines Email, print and post ready

  • All Invoices are created as PDFs which can be printed or emailed at the click of a button from your KashFlow account. You can even choose to send the PDF invoice by posto invoices and add notes just for your own reference.


  • Create unlimited invoices for unlimited numbers of customers without any extra charges or hidden fees (excludes £5 package)

Automated features

  • Set up repeat invoices that can be automatically sent to your customers (excludes £5 package). You can also automate notifications to show if an invoice is overdue, and automatically list your received payments and update the amount owed.

Product lists

  • Pre-enter a list of products or services you use, and even set it to automatically fill in the price, description and VAT rate.


View their balances on the dashboard. You can also set up Automatic Bank Feeds to import your bank transactions directly into KashFlow.

Bank Feeds

  • Enable this feature to link your online banking accounts to your KashFlow accounts, allowing you to automatically update your bank transactions within KashFlow for near real-time information.

Multiple Accounts

  • Set up as many bank accounts as you like, name them anything you like, and even choose from a list of logos to make your accounts quickly identifiable. You can also set up a ‘Cash Account’ to represent cash on hand.


  • There is no limit to the number of transactions you post directly to your bank (excludes £5 package), and there is no limitation on paying your invoices and receipts.


  • Simply and easily match your actual bank statements with what your KashFlow accounts reflect. Just tick the boxes!


  • Record any transfers you make from one bank account to another, in just a few clicks.

Repeat Transactions

  • Regular transactions can be automated to repeat at regular intervals, saving you time entering this data again.

Transaction Locking

  • Gain even more financial control by locking transactions on a bank account up to a certain date, so ensure you don’t accidentally change anything you shouldn’t.

Quotes and Estimates

You can rename them whatever you like, in KashFlow. You can create as many as you like, with no hidden charges, and print them or send them via mail (of both the ‘e’ and snail variety) from within the app. If the client wants to go ahead with everything, it only takes a click to convert the quote to an invoice.


  • There is no limit to the number of quotes you can create and no hidden or unexpected charges for creating lots of them.


  • Customize your quotes to match your business, using your own text and branding. You can also rename your quotes to anything you like, such as ‘estimates’ or ‘proforma’.


  • You can set up a list of categories to manage your quotes, such as Live, Pending, Closed, and assign your quotes to these categories.


  • Easily convert your quotes to invoices, and if you need to, keep the existing quote for the future. You can also edit the resulting invoice if you need to.


  • Produce a quote in any currency you like with exchange rates automatically updated daily.

Print, email and post ready

  • All quotes are created as PDFs which can be printed or emailed at the click of a button from your KashFlow account. You can even choose to send the PDF quote by post.

Credit Control

We can help with that. When you log in to KashFlow, you can immediately see how much you’re owed and how much of it is overdue. We provide three pre-written reminder letters, which the system can send automatically to people who are late paying you. We don’t do debt collection ourselves (we don’t have the muscles…), but we work with companies that do. So, on the off chances that things do go that far, you’re in good hands.

Dashboard Notification

  • When you log in to your KashFlow account you can immediately see how much you are owed and what invoices are overdue.

Automatic Reminders and Chasing

  • KashFlow’s automated credit control feature means you never have to remind your customers about upcoming or outstanding payments.

Email Notification

  • We will also automatically email you if an invoice is unpaid after its due date.

Reminder Letters

  • KashFlow also provides three pre-written and effective reminder letters for overdue invoices. The system will prompt you when to send these letters and will also automatically add the details of the overdue invoice.

Customers and Suppliers

You can produce on-screen, as CSV files or as PDFs to attach to emails. More choice than a buffet. You can also set discounts for individual customers, print forms and envelopes for them and view every statistic from when you first invoiced them to how long they usually take to pay. The only thing it can’t tell you is their favourite pizza topping.


  • Easily produce statements for customers and suppliers, and configure each statement in different ways to show only unpaid invoices or invoices for certain date periods. These statements can also be produced as CSV files or emailed as PDFs.

Custom fields

  • Create up to 20 custom fields for your customer and supplier records.

Statistics and History

  • You can easily view a range of statistics for your customers to help you identify when they were first invoiced, how long they take to pay, overdue payments, etc. You can also download a complete history of what you’ve sold/purchased.

Pricing and Payment terms

  • Set your payments terms according to each customer and supplier, with automated features to reflect this in invoices. You can also set discounts for specific customers that can be applied to their invoice in a single click. Invoices can also be set to automatically reflect if a customer is receiving wholesale pricing, just by ticking the appropriate box.


  • Store customer and supplier VAT information such as their registration number; If CIS is enabled then a complete range of fields is shown to store UTR Number, NI number, etc; Even print forms and envelopes for your customers and suppliers straight from your KashFlow account.


As well as allowing you to enter as many purchases as you want, KashFlow can automate recurring purchases and let suppliers know by email when you’ve paid them. You can also scan and upload attachments to be stored with your records and mark multiple purchases as paid with a single payment.


  • You can create as many purchases as you want, as needed.


  • Assign different categories for your purchases so your expenses can be easily managed and analysed.


  • Set up your recurring purchases to be automatically created to avoid manually entering the information each time (excludes £5 package). You can also set up email notifications to your suppliers to tell them you’ve paid!

Upload attachments

  • Scan and upload any necessary attachments (like PDFs or images of your bills) that you can store with your records on KashFlow.


  • Mark multiple purchases as paid with a single payment; copy your supplier invoices and avoid duplicates; Print or email Purchase Orders and Remittance Advice to send to you suppliers; and much more!


As well as providing Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Trial Balance reports, we offer a wide range of other graphical reports. This means that even non-accounting types can get insight into how much they’re spending, how much customers are spending with them and a better picture of how their business is performing.

Income reports

  • Get a quick and easy insight into your income data with a range of Income Reports: Customer Report, Income by Customer, Income by Payment Method, Income by Product, Income by Sales Type and many more!

Expenditure reports

  • Get quick and easy insight into your expenditure with a range of Expenditure Reports: Expenditure by Outgoing Type, Expenditure by Pay Method, Expenditure by Pay Method and many more!

General reports

  • For a quick an easy general overview of your financial data there are even more reports: Balance Sheet, Asset Register, Customer Purchase History, Monthly Profit and Loss, Self Assessment and many more!

API and Intergrations

We provide a secure interface to our accounting software that allows other programs to enter data in to your account and/or retrieve data. As well as being able to integrate with a number of premade addons (you can find more information in the Addons section).

Business Owners/Managers

  • KashFlow’s powerful API means you can Integrate your business processes within your KashFlow Account. Using a range of existing apps or commissioning your own from a developer, you can automatically record sales for you eCommerce site, provide a customer portal to your own site and much more!

Business Software Providers

  • Team up with KashFlow and easily integrate your software with ours. By integrating with us you have instant accounting functionality in your own software and we’ll also list your product on our page of available apps.


  • We have a ready market of people looking for someone to develop applications that integrate with KashFlow, that can be listed on our site and sold to our customers. But this bespoke service is something we don’t provide, so instead we refer them to programmers that we know are capable of working with our API.

Business Service Providers

  • Integrate KashFlow software as part of your service platform to provide a bookkeeping add-on for your business. This can be rebranded using your company branding to offer your customers a bookkeeping solution.

KashFlow Accountant Partners

  • Our accountant partners using KashFlow Connect also benefit from an API specifically for the Connect platform, to make it easier to manage their clients’ KashFlow accounts. More details can be discussed with the KashFlow Partner Success Team.


Seamless integration with KashFlow’s cloud-based accounting software; access your payroll - anytime, anywhere. Our HMRC accredited payroll software processes your company’s pay, delivers your employees’ payslips and automatically files your RTI submissions online, and on time.

Employee management

  • Our Payroll software takes care of all your employees’ pay details, as well as any details relating to employees leaving, rejoining, adoption leave and more.

Company management

  • With KashFlow Payroll you can manage the pay of as many employees and companies that your business requires, without the complexity of traditional payroll systems

Payroll functions

  • Our flexible Payroll lets you operate separate pay runs depending on when you pay your workforce. You can even edit your employees’ payslips to account for NICs, Tax and other deductions.


  • Stay ahead of your business payments and expenses with personalised reports of your incomings and outgoing, and also get P45s and P60s, all through KashFlow Payroll.

RTI Submissions

  • With KashFlow Payroll you can automate your Real Time Information (RTI) submissions, and being HMRC recognised, we can ensure your submissions are timely and correct.


The software supports a number of different VAT schemes such as; Standard VAT, Cash Accounting and the Flat Rate Scheme. If you’re a contractor or sub-contractor, KashFlow also works in conjunction with CIS.

Asset Register

  • KashFlow accounting software includes a range of accounting related features such as an Asset Register with options for automatic depreciation (straight line and reducing balance).


  • You can post journal entries, set up journal templates and reversing journals.

Departmental Accounting

  • Departmental accounting is enabled by the use of “Projects” (which can be renamed to anything you like). You can then run financial reports (P&L, Nominal Ledger, etc) based on just a specific department/project as well as on all data.

VAT Support

  • KashFlow accounting software supports Standard VAT, the Flat Rate Scheme, Cash Accounting (as well as Cash FRS) and EC Sales Lists. Vat Returns and EC Sales lists can be filed directly to HMRC from within our software.


  • KashFlow accounting includes support for CIS from both a contractor and subcontractor perspective. Deductions are handled and reports are produced.


To keep the accounting software easy to use, most features are turned off by default. When you explore the Settings tab you start to get a feel for the wealth of options that are available.

Your Account

  • Many KashFlow software features are turned off by default, allowing you to customise your account exactly how you like it and prevent feature-overload. Settings for Your Account include: Manage Subscription, Company Details, Email Options, Change Password, Import/Delete/Backup Data, Display Settings and more.


  • Under the Lists settings you have more features to use/enable, including: Sources, Sales Types, Payment Methods, Outgoing Types, Taxes and Chart of Accounts.


  • KashFlow also has a range of Configuration settings, including: Invoice Options, Stock Options, Quote Settings, Project Settings, VAT Settings, Email Templates, Asset Register Categories and more.

External Services

  • You can also use/enable a range of External Services, including: PayPal Imports, FreshBooks Integration, Card Options and other API settings and integrations (excludes £5 package).

Award Winning Support

What You Get When You Use KashFlow

KashFlow Akademy

  • For all your accounts and accounting needs, customer can access the KashFlow Akademy for detailed in-depth accounts training and advice by video, webinar or one-to-one training.

Knowledge Base

  • The Knowledge Base gives customers an extensive search portal for any questions they have about their KashFlow accounts. Featuring a range of most common answers to frequently asked questions, plus troubleshooting advice, the Knowledge Base is your first stop for any issues you may encounter.

Free and fast UK based support

  • All KashFlow customers have access all day, every day to our award winning support team who are on hand to help you out with any issues

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