Contact Management

Get everything you need for running an efficient business but with less efforts from Zoho Books. With features like getting snapshot history of your transactions with any contact, real time information made available for multiple users, providing increased accessibility of your clients and multiple organizations in single account; things can only get better at work!

Contact Management

Get Contact Information Easily

  • Get all your contacts in one place to organize, track and communicate with your customers and vendors easily. Use filters to track customer invoices and supplier bills easily.

Increase your Client's Accessibility

  • Give your clients the power to access your client portal and unburden yourself. In Zoho Books, your clients can access the history of all their transactions with you, edit and update their contact details, accept or comment on quotes you send and more. Your clients can even view outstanding invoices and pay immediately through the online payment gateway.

Invite Users and Work Together

  • Zoho Books allows you to invite multiple users and share real time information. Bring your colleagues on board and give them role based access to specific modules. This means multiple users working with up to date information, which not only increases accuracy but also productivity.

One Account, Multiple Organizations

  • Running more than one business? Not a problem! You can add multiple organizations using a single account in Zoho Books and run all of them just as efficiently as you do with a single business.


Zoho Books organizes and manages all your business transactions at one place. You spend less time invoicing and chasing overdue payments. Online payments offer the advantage and convenience to get paid faster.


Capture all your Transactions

  • With Zoho Books, you can easily keep a record of all your estimates, invoices, credit notes and even recurring invoices together. Convert estimates to invoices in just a click and use the filter to track invoices which need your attention.

Brand your Invoices

  • Customize your invoices and estimates and make it stand out from the rest. Pick a template from the template gallery and customize it the way you want. Add your brand logo and extend your brand's personality in every document you send.

Track your Payments

  • Record every online and offline payment received from your customers. Connect your online payment gateway and make it convenient for your customers to pay you online.

Get Notified and Remind on Time

  • Set up automatic payment reminders that'll chase the late payments for you. Zoho Books will automatically update the online payment received and even notify you of the money coming in. You can also send a quick 'Thank You' for the prompt payment received.

Email or Snail Mail it!

  • Zoho Books lets you print invoices and send a single invoice or multiple invoices all in one go. If you want your clients to receive the invoice in their mailbox, we can snail mail it for you!

Sell Global with no Worries!

  • Having business across the world? Not a problem! Zoho Books allows you to send invoices in multiple currencies. Base currency adjustments can be made easily and you can analyze the revalued balances and the corresponding gain or loss to your bank and credit card accounts.


One of the challenges of running a business, is keeping track of the mounting bills and expenses and the money flowing out . This is one of many areas where Zoho Books can help you stay organized.


Greater Visibility on your Expenses

  • A better organization of your expenses results in an accurate reflection of your spending. Zoho Books helps you break up your expenses into categories, which in turn helps you with tax deductions like car and truck expenses, mileage, etc.

Attach Expense Receipts

  • It is easy to lose a receipt or two, when there are too many to keep track of. Capture all your receipts in one place using Zoho Books. Quickly take a picture of your paper receipt on your iOS or android app and upload it to Zoho Books.

Pay Bills on Time

  • Get on the good side of your vendors by paying on time. With Zoho Books you can prioritize your bills, by keeping track of when and how much owe your vendors and make payments based on that.

Don't Lose Out on Reimbursable Expenses

  • Organize your expenses into billable and non-billable and know their status: unbilled, invoiced or reimbursed, using Zoho Books. And when it is time to send an invoice to your customers, you can easily include the associated billable expenses.

Purchase Order

Create and send purchase orders for all your products and services. A comprehensive and simple way to have good visibility on your purchases you make for your business.

Purchase Order

Create. Track. Manage

  • Purchasing will now be a lot simpler with Zoho Books.
  • Create and Send Purchase Orders

    Create highly detailed purchase orders capturing all your requirements, like quantity, price, expected delivery date and more. Communicate your requirements to the vendor with clarity.

  • Customize your Purchase Orders

    Create customized purchase orders to match your business needs, with your brand logo on them. Right from changing the font size, font color to including or excluding tabs, customize it the way you want it.

  • Convert Purchase Orders to Bills

    After you've received and paid for the goods, convert the PO to a bill with a click of a button. Convert multiple purchase orders that you have sent to a vendor into one single bill.

  • Track Open Purchase Orders with Reports

    Open purchase orders demand your immediate attention. With reports on open purchase orders, see what hasn't been delivered to you and which ones you have to pay for. Ensure you receive your goods at the right time and pay for the purchases.

More than just Orders

  • Make your purchasing process perfect.
  • Purchase Items

    Create and manage your purchase items with a defined price. You can even use the item for sales with a different price.

  • Vendors List

    Create and maintain your own list of vendors. Capture all their details under their contact for future use.

  • Multi Currency

    Purchase from anywhere around the globe. Zoho Books supports multiple currencies. Create and send purchase orders in the currency you choose.

  • Powerful Reports and Analytics

    To make better purchasing decisions for the future, look at purchase orders reports by vendor or PO Status for useful insights.

Sales Order

With the 'All in one' Sales Orders, you can confirm the sale with your customer before you ship it out, keep your production team updated on when, what's needed, and avoid even the smallest error during shipment.

Sales Order

Create Track Manage

  • With Zoho Books, your shipment will now be quick and error free.
  • Customized Sales Orders

    Some clients order multiple products, some order different sizes, and some different colors. Customize your Sales Order to match your business needs. You can even include your brand logo on them.

  • Estimate to Invoice, One single document

    At any stage of the business, an estimate is all you need. Using Sales Orders, you will find it easy to convert an approved estimate into a Sales Order, and, later into an invoice! It is that simple.

  • Ship what you have ready, Sell as you make

    Your client orders 50 products and want you to ship these to them immediately. You have only 20 ready. Using Sales Orders in Zoho Books, you will be able to instantly create a partial invoice for the 20 products and ship them to your client.

  • Convert Sales Order into a Purchase Order

    Shortage of stock? Customer suddenly wants more goods and not enough time to produce? Instantly convert a Sales Order into a purchase order and send it to your vendor.

More than just Orders

  • The best thing about Sales Orders is that it keeps everyone updated at all times.
  • Sales Order History

    View what changes you made to the order, any comments made and other updates in the order history section.

  • Map the Salesperson

    By mapping a salesperson to a their lead or account, the sales team can stay on the same page as the production team on the shipment's status.

  • Add Custom Fields

    If there is any unique information about your stock that has to be captured, you can add custom fields to . Add upto 10 custom fields.

Project Time Tracking

Zoho Books gives you the tools to make your time and work count, by providing you with features like logging and tracking time, giving role based access to log time, managing multiple projects, add expenses related to an invoice easily.

Project Time Tracking

Get Paid by the Clock

  • Its easy for anybody to lose track of time but as business owners, you cannot afford to do so. With Zoho Books you never have to lose a minute of your billable hours. You can either log the amount of time you spent for a project daily or weekly, or use the timer widget to clock the time you spend.

Manage Multiple Projects with Ease

  • It can get overwhelming for business owners to manage multiple projects with multiple employees working on it. Zoho Books makes it possible for you to control and manage multiple projects by letting you create new projects, add tasks for each project and assign specific tasks to your employees.

Give Role Based Access

  • Role based access in Zoho Books lets you give restricted access to those who you are working with. You can customize your users' access by restricting their views, for instance you can let your contractors only use the timer or log time and nothing else .

Expense Tracking Simplified

  • Don't waste time trying to link expenses of a certain project while billing customers. With Zoho Books, you can associate all expenses relating to a project at the time of billing, easily.

Inventory Management

Track and manage inventory online with Zoho Books. From knowing stock levels to viewing reports, keep at tab on your inventory in real-time.

Inventory Management

End-to-End Inventory Tracking

  • Easy tracking of inventory

    Tracking of inventory begins with creation of the item. Easily enable tracking of inventory when saving the item.

  • Adjust inventory, Whenever

    Damaged goods? Difference after inventory revaluation? No problem. Inventory adjustment can be done when needed. Enter the additional stock level and get back on track.

  • Set Reorder level, Replenish when needed

    Stock at dangerously low levels? That can never happen with Zoho Books. Set reorder levels and get alerts before the stock level touches minimum.

  • Select your Preferred vendor

    Select your preferred vendor when enabling inventory. If an item needs reordering, you can easily create and send a purchase order to that vendor.

So how does it work in Zoho Books?

  • See how you can manage your goods as they come in and go out.
  • Purchase Orders

    The first step when you order for inventory, Zoho Books lets you create and send purchase orders to your vendors.

  • Create Bills for the Vendor

    Once the goods have been received, create an open bill for your goods and your stock level is automatically increased.

  • Credit Notes for returns

    There are times when the customer returns a part of the shipped goods with reasons like damage, being in excess or wrong specifications. Create credit notes for returned goods.

  • Sales Orders

    Create and send Sales orders for the goods that are ready to be shipped. Confirm the shipment and keep your production team updated. You can even create a Purchase order from Sales order when needed.

  • Invoice

    Once your sales order has been confirmed, convert it into an invoice with a click of a button to your customer.

  • Stock Replenishment

    Zoho Books will notify you well before your stock level goes below minimum level. Set the re-order level and even select your preferred vendor for buying when stock touches re-order point.

Inventory Summary

  • Drill down into the inventory summary report and get to know the goods count in their various states.

Automatic Bank Feed

It is important to know and record the whereabouts of your money accurately. With Zoho Books you can update bank accounts and credit card accounts automatically and eliminate data entry. Whether you hold a single or multiple bank accounts, you can organize and manage all banking records in one place easily.

Automatic Bank Feed

Automatic Bank Feeds

  • Why waste your precious time with manual entry of every transaction and reconciling every month, when you can mechanize this process like clockwork. Set up your bank accounts with Zoho Books once and it automatically imports every transaction from your account, which will help you make well informed business decisions right away.

Auto-Categorization of Transactions

  • Need to categorize your transactions in an organized manner without spending hours on it? No problem! With Bank rules in Zoho Books, you can state and edit as many criteria as you want, to organize your accounts. The bank rules in Zoho Books simply scans across your transactions and organizes it as per your criteria.
  • Easy Import of Bank Statements

    If you want to import bank statements to your Zoho Books account, we have that option too! Zoho Books allows you to easily import your financial statements in formats like .ofx , .qif , .tsv or .csv .

  • Leave No Transaction Unturned

    With Zoho Books you can enter all transactions manually if you prefer. You may record a deposit, withdrawal and fund transfer. In the case of a credit card you may record credit card charges, expenses, payments and credits.

Collaborative Client Portal

Give your customers access to view their payment history, recent transactions and allow them to make payments online. It's simple, convenient and a smart way to get paid fast.

Collaborative Client Portal

We are integrated with the best payment gateways in the world!

  • Open Up Discussion

    Share quotes with customers and start discussion to speed up estimate approval. Say bye to lengthy and time consuming email threads.

  • Offer Convenient Ways to Pay

    Your clients can securely and conveniently make online payments for the invoices from the comforts of their home or office.

  • Check Outstanding Easily

    Your customers can keep a tab on outstanding invoices and make partial or full payment before the due date.

What can your clients do in the client portal?

  • Forward invoices
  • Accept or reject estimates
  • Comment on estimates
  • Download invoice PDF
  • View payment history
  • Update customer information
  • View transactions
  • Pay invoices online

Accounting and Tax

Zoho Books removes the hassle of sending voluminous files to your financial advisors, by allowing you to easily invite them and share your financial data with them. Get instant expert advice from your accountants and business advisors by providing them with everything they need to know about your business in a single place.

Accounting and Tax

Manual Journals

  • You can receive help from your bookkeeper to record those small but important transactions which need to be entered manually, like fixed depreciation of an asset or petty cash expenses. In addition, you can rectify errors with manual journals when you want to transfer balances from one account to another.

Easy Base Currency Adjustments

  • The base currency adjustment screen in Zoho Books helps you recalculate base currency balances of your foreign currency accounts. Zoho Books lets you open invoices and bills using exchange rates at the time of adjustments and quickly transfer the difference derived from existing balance and new balance, to the 'exchange gain or loss' account.

Organized Chart of Accounts

  • Capture financial information related to your assets, liabilities, revenue or expense accounts and organize it in the best possible way. You can create as many accounts as you want online and post entries for your daily accounting transactions without any issues.

Simplify Tax Calculations

  • Based on your business location, you can add taxes, group two or more taxes together or compound tax, accordingly. Zoho Books computes tax in just a few clicks and will help you generate tax report that you can file during tax time.

Online Payments

Start accepting crédit card, debit card or PayPal payment from your customers. Give multiple payment options to customers and make their payment experience absolutely hassle-free.

Online Payments

We are integrated with the best payment gateways in the world!

  • Easy to Set Up

    In just a few clicks, start accepting online payments from your customers. There are no painful long forms to fill. All you need is your merchant account details and you are good to go!

  • Convenient To Use

    Offer your customers the convenience to pay you from anywhere. No more standing in the queue or cash payments. Remember your payment is just a click away!

  • Simple To Track

    It's a tad difficult to keep track of the cash payments. Once you receive an online payment, Zoho Books will automatically map it to the correct invoice and mark it 'Paid'. Awesome isn't it?

Invoice Templates

Rename labels, remove columns, change font, add your company logo, change the background image, do it all! It's YOUR template, you get to decide how it looks.

Invoice Templates

Beautiful Invoice Templates

  • Personalize your invoices and let your business stand out from the crowd. Send professional, good looking invoices to your customers and get paid fast!

Mobile Apps

Manage your invoices, quotes, track payments and upload expense receipts right from your phone. Or maybe your tablet!

Mobile Apps


  • Intuitive Dashboards

    Plan your day with insights on your receivables, payables and sales.

  • Expenses

    You do not want to forget capturing an expense or do paperwork for it. Click and attach your expense receipt.

  • Reports

    End your day on a high! See how much sales you have made and the amount of cash you've received and spent.

  • Invite Staff to work mobile

    With user preferences, you can invite your staff to work on projects with their iPhone and clock time remotely.


  • Offline Expense Recording

    You don't internet to record your business expenses. Record them offline and sync them up later.

  • Widgets

    Instant homescreen widgets for invoice and expense creation. It doesn't get faster than this.

  • Passcode Lock

    Why log out and log in everytime? Create a passcode lock for your app and log in quickly.

  • Reports

    End your day on a high! See how good sales has been for the day and the amount of cash you've received and spent.

Windows Phone/Windows Surface

  • Create contacts

    Stepping out to meet a prospect? Create and save them right from the place where you met them.

  • Get Quick Insights

    Check how your business is performing instantly. Zoho Books' intuitive dashboard provides quick insights.

  • Invoice Anytime, Anywhere

    Don't get tied to your desktop. Invoice your clients on the move.

  • Snap & Upload Receipts

    Don't miss a single receipt. Snap a picture of your expense receipt and create an expense the minute you spend.

Run your business from anywhere

  • Stay connected to your business, no matter where you are. Send out quotes, track time for projects and also get business critical insights on the dashboard of your iOS, Android or Windows device.

Timer Extension for Chrome

  • This little Google Chrome Timer extension allows you to log time for your projects whenever you want. Click the icon, select your project, click start and you’re ready to go!

Exhaustive Reports

No more headaches of compiling and analyzing financial data. Zoho Books provides all facts relating to the financial health of your business, in the form of all encompassing reports, insightful dashboard and snapshot information about unpaid bills. Now, all you have to do is act on those business plans you make.

Exhaustive Reports

Instant Insight on Dashboard

  • Want to know how your business is faring without going knee deep into data? Simply click on the Dashboard of your Zoho Books account and view your invoice Aging Summary, Income and Expense chart, Bank and Credit Card Account Summary and Accounts Watchlist.

Clarity on Pending Activities

  • In less than 5 minutes, categorize all the transactions fetched from your bank and credit card accounts. Zoho Books brings the much needed clarity into your unbilled hours and unbilled expenses of your project so you can bill them together when sending the final invoice to your client.

All-Encompassing Reports Gallery

  • Get facts about your business, fast! Don't wait till the month end to prepare financial reports of your business. Zoho Books provides a wide array of financial reports like profit and loss reports, cash flow statement, tax statement and many more, for your business, which you can prepare anytime.

Share Reports Easily

  • Zoho Books helps you share your financial information in any way you want and as per your needs, quickly. Your colleagues or accountants can run the report themselves or you could share it with them by exporting it as PDF file and attach it to an email or even print it.

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