Setting up your store is quick and easy.

Add A Store To Your Site

  • If you're tired of customizing the look and feel of pre-packaged catalogs that run very slow, you've come to the right place. We can work with your existing site design/HTML and deliver a 100% custom solution.

Build It From The Ground Up

  • If you need a catalog/shopping cart combination, Ultracart offers the tools and experience to get you up and running.

Up And Running, Fast And Easy

  • We realize that everyone is faced with a snag or two from time to time. That is why UltraCart offers free phone support (even at the free trial level), staffed by employees with 5+ years of experience. So when you call us for support you can rest assured that your problem will be resolved quickly and professionally.
    UltraCart brings you the convenience of near of a near drag-and-drop turnkey ecommerce solution without having to custom code or look for awkward extensions to add to your website editing program. Take our 5 minutes to selling challenge, and you'll see how easy a shopping cart program can be.

Automatic eCommerce Link Generation

  • Setting up some shopping carts can be difficult, even with tasks that should be simple like creating a "buy link" from your existing website to the shopping cart. Ultracart has a useful eCommerce solution for this with our automated buy link generator. It's a useful tool that allows you to input your eCommerce products list, save and then it creates the correct code for you to paste into the webpage link that lets your customers make their purchases. No complex coding, no chances for errors, just an eCommerce solution that let's you sell more easily.

No SSL Support Required On Merchants Server

  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a necessary part of almost any online shopping cart, since it protects the user's sensitive financial information. You do want SSL since it is used by millions of consumers who are trained to look for that secure (https) part of the online shopping cart's URL and the familiar "padlock" on their browser. But creating a secure link between the user's browser and the online shopping cart through encryption can be a bit tricky to setup and support, plus a bit pricey. Ultracart's online shopping cart option allows you to forgoe the problems with setting up SSL on your own webserver and get back to selling your products and services.

Seamless Transition From Website To Shopping Cart

  • A simple review of shopping carts that are hosted can reveal a nasty problem: Changing look and feel when going from the regular site to the cart. With UltraCart, you don't have to worry. You have a range of options to review for your shopping cart, from basic uploading of your logo or masthead to the cart all the way to making our pages look and function exactly like your pages.
    Just because you want the security, time savings and dependability of a hosted shopping cart, doesn't mean you have to change your cart's look and feel from your own website when that buy button is clicked. With UltraCart, you can essentially repeat your own website's graphics, including type fonts, backgrounds, special characters, images and graphics.

Advanced Customization

  • Support for the latest graphics standards and tools including CSS3 (Cascading Style Sheets), HTML5 And A variety of useful formats like Music Files (WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG, etc.) VideoFiles (AVI, MPG, ASF, WMV, etc.) Publications (PDF, DOC, XLS, etc) Images (JPG)


  • UltraCart's single page and multi-page checkout work perfectly for the average merchant, but some merchants would like to have more flexibility in the way their shopping cart is displayed. Using the JavaScript API Checkout allows you to design the page in any fashion and still use the advanced logic and options of the full UltraCart checkout.
    Some examples of functionality that you can utilize with the JS API Checkout are: instant information transfer (capture valuable customer information even if they abandon), your custom design and functionality, checkout can be on any server, error messages rendered on page, custom questions and forms, tailored to your business = higher conversion!

Essential Areas To Add To Your Shopping Cart Review Checklist

  • UltraCart allows you to upload all support files directly to our secure server for (shopping cart) review and inclusion, ensuring all files are accepted by a customer's browser during a secure transaction
  • A fully functional theme management section that allows you to review and apply different shopping cart themes to different types of checkout paths or approaches (i.e. for affiliates or different content types such as digital content)
  • A customizeable and reuseable graphics library which helps you maintain consistency by creating a subset of graphics to use from your information pages, plus the ability to designate "default" layouts to promote similar look and feel among different sections/users
  • Integrate with the most common content management systems like, WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. (We constantly review external content management systems and integrate it with Ultracart.)
  • For quick branding, Ultracart allows modification of basic or default page layouts simply by uploading custom headers and footers and using the shopping cart elements supplied by UltraCart. These layouts can be saved and reviewed later for further shopping cart customization.
  • So, when you review shopping carts, consider the UltraCart approach to cart branding, templates and providing a consistent look and feel so your users know they are staying within the "safety" and ease of the world you welcomed them into when they started shopping.


Complete, flexible and total control.

Versatile Product Organization

  • One of the chief complaints we hear about software for eCommerce is how inflexible it is. Although customers say it differently, something about "being trapped" or "not being able to grow." That won't happen with UltraCart. We really mean it when we say we can go from a few items to thousands on the same software platform, without changing how you control everything.
    UltraCart's software for ecommerce grows with you by supporting multiple ways to manage classes and subclasses of products including organization, assignment of discounts by various attributes, related items and items for upselling.

Configurable Item Options

  • Choice characterizes today's consumer experience and being able to bring them many options is an important part of selecting the right online shopping cart solution. With UltraCart, this capability is taken to the max with our ability to set myriads of options that the consumer can select from. This is a great vehicle for increasing customer loyalty, upselling and just plain making sure the sale is completed.

Variable Billing Support

  • Consumers are demanding an ever increasing amount of personalization and customization of the products they buy. But often, eCommerce shopping carts aren't able to support checkout variations like adding logos, inscriptions, names - even your favorite sports team. However, these items not only can make help you make the sale over a competitor, but can also be a rich source of extra per order margin.
    Never before has one size fits all been so far away from consumer's minds, so UltraCart has developed a special eCommerce Shopping Cart editor for variable pricing based on product and item dimensions that the customer can customize themselves.

Different Pricing Tiers

  • While most consumer shopping cart site sales are smaller orders, there are potentials that arise for larger orders to groups like other retailers, organizations, wholesalers, distributors - even the government. UltraCart's tiered pricing feature allows you near complete flexibility over who, what, when and where you decide to provide incentives to groups who can drive sales volume.
    Tiered sales options allow you to "cut a deal" to certain large volume buyers, but in ways that often let you reward them without drastically degrading margins from your regular shopping cart site sales.

Volume Discounts

  • Discounts, promotions and coupons are often the best way to attract new customers, reactivate old customers and to increase completed sales during the checkout process. The best shopping cart in the world is one that allows you the most control over these since too much discounting hurts margins. UltraCart offers an unbelievable number of ways to apply discounts to ensure the correct method to support, not degrade, your business.

Taxable And Non-Taxable Goods And Services

  • Trying to comply with state, federal and local tax requirements isn't easy now, and with future regulations governing web site shopping, keeping your cart current may get even harder. But don't fret. UltraCart has tamed this regulatory monster for you with our in-depth taxable item management feature. It cuts to the heart of what is needed to keep you legal and your books straight without having to burn the midnight oil.
    Web site shopping carts don't have to make you do all the work when it comes to figuring out taxes. UltraCart can create an ulimited level of tax computations to make the task easier.

Batch Import And Update

  • Updating of web shopping carts can make even the most experienced web merchant shudder, but really it isn't that hard as long as a balance between flexibility and ease of use can be found. UltraCart has worked hard on both ends to provide enough data import options to fit all volume level and product database sizes.

Out Of Stock Inventory Control

  • Think about all you do to capture a customer and make a sale, and then to have to send a back order notice when a customer buys an item that is out of stock! Well that's not a way to create a lot of repeat business. So, what's the best practice on how a shopping cart for a website prevents out of inventory situations? Many of them can take a lesson from UltraCart, which has detailed settings on ways to both predict and manage inventory, so you can balance carrying costs with keeping enough products on hand.

Flexible Shipping Methods

  • When you look for a shopping cart hosting package, think about the times when you need to move from making site-wide changes, to trouble shooting a specific item. That's where UltraCart can really help. Case in point: Item-level shipping control. You'll use it more than you might think. For instance, what happens when your favored shipper can't take a certain box size, or won't deliver to a certain address or post office box? Here's where you just have to break the rules, step in and change shipping instructions. And there are more instances where item-by-item intervention can help.

StoreFronts System And Catalog

  • Sure, there are dozens if not hundreds of content management platforms available, but in most cases, they are designed to host a broad array of content, without any focus on the unique needs of online e-business.
  • The UltraCart Content Management System is different. Designed from the ground up to meet the needs of online retailers, the platform provides features and innovations unique among content management platforms.
  • Ability to host a catalog as if it were part of the merchants domain instead of the ultracart domain.
  • Render entire sites with tens of thousands of pages with just a few templates.
  • Appears completely static to search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.
  • Friendly URLs that do not contain parameters or query strings.
  • Flexible template design using easy to learn scripting language. Merchants are not forced to modify canned templates.
  • Support for advanced user interface elements like bread crumb trails, etc..
  • Automated image thumbnail creation.
  • Dynamic related item information on product pages.


Give your customers what they want. Your Customer's Shopping Experience can mean the difference between a decision to buy and a decision to leave your site and look elsewhere. Why not give them every excuse to continue shopping on your site by using UltraCart's massive feature set.

UltraCart + PayPal

  • With UltraCart, you can avoid any tedious API programming or set up. Once you have successfully completed the signup with PayPal, you simply enter the issued API information into UltraCart and you're done. It's that simple.


  • Gift message and wrapping paper configuration
  • Configurable customer contact information
  • First line validation measures to assist in validating credit card numbers
  • Calculates proper tax rates based upon customer's state and county. Supports multiple states simultaneously for multi-state companies
  • Incredibly fast real-time shipping cost calculation for Austrailian Post, Canada Post, DHL, FedEx, USPS and Watkins with individually configurable markups. UltraCart enables you to take advantages of special USPS pricing on music, books, and magazine products
  • Support for customer profiles makes it easy for repeat customers to place orders
  • Allow customers to automatically reorder products based upon their own schedule
  • Auto order allows customers to select when the merchant can automatically ship them additional products. Great for merchants selling supplements, subscriptions and memberships that require recurring billing
  • It's your site so you should be able to choose what kind of checkout experience will work best for your customers. UltraCart offers three distinct checkout possibilities each with their own unique benefits:
  • Embeddable search system to allow customers to locate products quickly in large stores
  • Cart holds item description, part number, quantity, price, and custom options
  • Accepts both billing and shipping addresses


Peace of mind for you and your customers.

PCI Level 1 Compliance

  • PCI LEVEL 1 Compliant Means peace of mind for you and your customers UltraCart meets rigorous network security standards to ensure your business and online transactions are secure. If you go with a cart that is not PCI Level 1 Compliant, you may not be completely secure.

Integration Means Security

  • Ultracart integrates with over 80 different Gateways so you can process credit cards quickly and easily directly on your site. Setup is a breeze and you are free to use a gateway you are comfortable and familiar with.

Standing Guard 24-7

  • There is an armed guard stationed and watching over our servers 24-7. What does this mean for you? Not only do we take your sites security seriously in the digital world with advanced firewall protection, but we go the extra mile to ensure the physical safety of your websites hosting environment. It might be a boring job, but just ask Bruce Willis what can happen if you don't take measures to physically protect your data. As more and more customers choose to shop online, security issues increase exponentially. Choosing a Level 1 Certified solution can help provide your customers peace of mind at the point of purchase. Customers are looking for any excuse not to move forward with their purchase so you need to pro-actively assure them that security matters to your company.

SSL Protection

  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a necessary part of almost any online shopping cart, since it protects the user's sensitive financial information. Users are trained to look for that secure (https) part of the online shopping cart's URL and the familiar "padlock" on their browser. But creating a secure link between the user's browser and the online shopping cart through encryption can be a bit tricky to setup and support, plus a bit pricey. Ultracart's online shopping cart has SSL built in so you can just sell your products and services and not worry about setting it all up.


Order processing.

Free Quickbooks Integration

  • UltraCart now features secure integrated credit card payment processing with Intuit QuickBooks Merchant Service, the small business experts! QuickBooks Merchant Service has teamed up with UltraCart providing you with an easy, streamlined way to accept credit cards. Save time and money by integrating your web store with QuickBooks Merchant Service to offer your customers a premiere one stop shop.

Flexiable and Configurable E-mail Notifications

  • Customizable e-mail messages sent to the customer upon product shipment including tracking link. Multiple email notification when orders are received and when payments have been processed. Allows for separate accounting and shipping departments in larger companies.

Custom Packing Slips

  • Platform independent professional packing slip printing. Customizable to allow printing on your company's letter head, logo, information, etc. Return policy automatically shown to customer on invoice and printed packing slip.

Quick and Easy Order Corrections

  • Edit orders to correct the most common errors that customers make.

Chargeback Dispute Processing System

  • Chargeback dispute processing can be a very time consuming task so UltraCart has a chargeback dispute processing workflow. This feature allows merchants to quickly dispute a chargeback in a few simple clicks. UltraCart will even handle the faxing of the chargeback document(s) to the merchant bank.

Refund Processing

  • UltraCart now offers Credit Card Refund capabilities for merchants using compatible payment gateways. There are several options for refunds:
  • Void if not settled on full refund: If, during a complete refund attempt, the transaction is less than 24 hours old, UltraCart attempts to void the transaction first in case it has not yet settled out. If the void fails, the normal refund will take place. This increases the likelihood of a successful refund.
  • Refund and reject in a single step: one button click makes it easy for the merchant to perform a complete refund and, if successful, UltraCart will reject the order.
  • Percentage Rotation: rotate Gateways based on traffic percentages (i.e., 20% to gateway A, 40% to gateway B, and so on).
  • Charge Appears As: set the "charge appears on statement as" differently for each gateway.
  • Item Specific Routing: specify a particular gateway that an order should go to if a specified item is present.


Marketing with UltraCart.

Email Marketing

  • Powerful custom E-Mail Marketing engine allows you to create marketing campaigns targeted to unique customer segments
  • Easy to use wizard allows for quick creation of rich HTML marketing e-mail messages
  • Custom coupon codes allow you to give each customer a unique, single use coupon, thereby preventing coupon abuse and fraud
  • Advanced reporting, including e-mails viewed, links clicked, purchases made, and user opt-out requests
  • Automatic reply, bounce-back, and opt-out management

Advanced Marketing

  • Create coupon codes for a variety of discounts, including % off, free shipping, and more
  • Related items allow you to suggestive sell merchandise on your shopping cart view screen
  • Dynamic pricing allows you to change your item pricing and automatically update price images on your website
  • Advertising source tracking helps you determine which marketing efforts are working best
  • Extract customer information based on previous purchase criteria
  • Automatic item submission to Google's online store search engine Froogle

Revenue Enhancement

  • Converting a visitor to a customer is the most important, and most expensive, part of your online e-commerce efforts. Once they become customers, you can utilize UltraCart's revenue enahancement features to create new and innovative revenue streams with no additional cost.
  • Affiliate Management
  • Recovery E-Mail
  • Exit Pop
  • Auto Orders
  • Upsell After
  • Integrations


Unparalleled integrations.


  • UltraCart currently integrates with over 170 partners in many different industries that can help your business. Adding more partners can simplify your business, expand your reach, increase your customer interaction and ultimately result in more sales! The amount of integrations needed is up to you. When you have a platform with so many integrations, it gives you the peace of mind that your ecommerce platform can handle all the business you can throw at it. So go ahead, grow your business.
  • Gateways
  • Fulfillment
  • SEO and Analytics
  • Call Centers
  • Marketing
  • Web Designers


  • UltraCart integrates with one of the largest sets of partners in the industry. This integration allows you to work with the services providers that can meet your needs the best. Below are the list different partners that we work with.
  • General
  • Marketing
  • Market Places
  • Membership Platforms

Facebook Integration

  • Whether you're a fan of the movie Social Network or not, you can't argue with the success of Founder Mark Zuckerberg. His Harvard progeny is now powering over 800 million active users. Although there has not been a facebook App that can sell within facebook as of this writing, we can give you a better option anyway. Setup your Fan Page with your UltraCart Shopping Cart's own facebook Store.

UltraCart Amazon Integration

  • UltraCart has direct integration with Amazon Seller Central. Your orders will automatically download into UltraCart and flow over to your fulfillment house or shipping department. Once the orders are complete UltraCart will automatically notify Amazon Seller Central of the order. UltraCart will also provide Amazon hourly updates of inventory changes. For most merchants selling on is a must. can represent 10% to 50% of an averages merchant's monthly revenue. By making Amazon Seller Central integration easy, UltraCart merchants do not have to think about the source of an order when processing it.

UltraCart Amazon Integration

  • Integrated support for APO / FPO addresses
  • Automatic shipping estimation directly on cart view screen
  • Automatically calculate insurance costs on shipments
  • Standardize addresses (USPS shipments only)
  • Verify city, state, and postal code combination for US customers (including APO/FPO addresses)
  • Export/Import to/from UPS OnLine Worldship, FedEx ShipManager, and Endicia Dazzle software
  • Restrict shipping methods to specific regions or address types
  • Specify which shipping methods are valid for free shipping offers on specific items
  • Sophisticated packing calculation to handle multi-box shipments
  • Provide free shipping for orders over a certain dollar amount automatically
  • Support for most third party fulfillment houses: View All of Our Integrated Fulfillment Partners
  • Configurable shipping methods including built-in USPS, Fedex, Airborne Express, and Canada Post. Charge users based upon cost, weight, real-time estimate, or by the item. Configurable handling charges for international countries.
  • Support for
  • Geo-location technology to determine where your customer is located for incredibly accurate shipping estimates


Supporting your business.

Local Representatives

  • Whether you call into our Call Center in Georgia, Headquarters in Tennessee, or offices in California, your call will be met with knowledgeable representatives that can help you get the information you need quickly. We also know that if you are not able to understand your Customer Service Representative, no matter what answer they give you will not be the right one. All of UltraCart's account representatives speak English as their first language and reside in the United States. We pay a lot for our fantastic Support reps because we think you deserve it.

Supporting So You Can Grow

  • UltraCart believes that supporting our customers is the best way to make sure their business can continue growing uninterrupted. We spend a lot of time training our Call Representatives on everything in UltraCart, and that takes a lot of time as our platform grows every day.

Support Documentation

  • Since we have chosen to backup our Support Reps with our engineers we do not have 24 hour support, but what we do have is our docs platform that is available on a 24 hour basis. Its basically the online version of our reference manual and the most exhaustive reference guide for everything UltraCart.

Support Forums

  • Another form of Support UltraCart engages in is support from your peers. UltraCart's peer-to-peer support forums are a great way to both give and get support about your UltraCart account. Its also one of the ways that UltraCart knows what features and tools need improving and which ones need to be created.

Technical Help

  • UltraCart Support Centers operate on Eastern Time which is the same time zone as our engineering team. The reason we planned it that way is your Support Reps are only as good as the team that stands behind them. If there is ever a bug or something that a Support Rep cannot answer, they are more likely to be able to find an engineer who can look into it for them during those hours. Certainly our engineers are busy, but they love working with UltraCart merchants.

Reliable Support Staff

  • UltraCart trains its support team 3 times a week which is more than any of our competitors. Our platform is only as good as the team that uses and supports it, so we make sure they are UltraCart ninjas.

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