Next Generation Customer Service Support and Complaints management System

Workflow Based Case management

Streamline and automate customer cases & inquiries handling process by utilizing individual workflows for differing Organizations.

User friendly GUI workflow designer

  • With the aid of the workflow designer, customers can create sophisticated workflows to manage case activities through the entire case life cycle

Routing Engine

  • workflow activities and tasks can be automatically or manually routed to both internal and external entities using customisable routing rules

Customizable workflow process

  • Customers can build ISO standards workflow for case management or use their own proprietary workflow and process management

Choose Between Public Cloud, Private Cloud, or on Premise Deployment

Setup your own advanced Customer Service system on the cloud or on premise in few minutes with easy setup and integration tools.

Public Cloud Deployment

  • Using Microsoft Azure as the hosting cloud, customers can choose the monthly subscription model and setup their case management and help desk system in few minutes

Private Cloud Deployment

  • NABD can be deployed on any private cloud with minimal effort

On Premise Deployment

  • NABD can be easily deployed in customers own data center

Customer Portal

Self-service portal for Customer and external entities to manage and track cases online.

Online customer portal

  • The Customer portal allows customers to create cases, review case status, communicate with agents, and provide feedback

Integrate with existing customer support website

  • The case management web services can be easily integrated with existing online website

Manage your tasks & Activities

Work from a prioritized action queue to ensure efficient case investigation with notifications, escalations and to-do lists.

Activities work queue

  • Activities are routed to the appropriate party and placed in a prioritized work queue. The user dashboard shows different activities status and due dates

Tasks Management

  • Different task types can be manually created and routed to relevant parties. Tasks are placed in users work queue with due dates and priorities.

Mobile Channels

Stay connected and go mobile with Nabd. Alerts, New inquiries / tickets / complaints, work on your Tasks, or check your dashboard anywhere, anytime. everything comes to you, the team collaboration is easy now.

Multi-Channel Integration

Capture and resolution of cases can be extended beyond the Customer Service department to all channels: Call Center, IVR, Internet, email, face-to-face, SMS, mobile.

Sentiment Analysis

Automate the process of filtering out the noise from your social network, understanding the conversations, identifying the relevant content and actioning it appropriately.

Auto classification of social media feeds

  • Social media feeds can be auto classified. Negative feeds will be posted to the system as issues, positive feeds as feedback. Neutral feeds can be manually reviewed

Load balancing

Manage workload across the team and measure performance against resolution target

Automatically distribute cases across Team evenly

  • Cases can be distributed automatically to the team members based on their currently open assigned cases

Measure Team Performance

  • By setting resolution target dates, the system can measure the team performance against the set dates and produce exception reports for overdue cases and tasks

Strong Security Features

Security Features to ensure the user authenticity, classification and encryption of confidential data, and providing fine grained authorization.

Physical Security

  • NABD is deployed on Microsoft Windows Azure. Windows Azure platform services are delivered to customers through a network of global datacenters, each designed to run 24 x 7, and each employing various measures to help protect operations from power failure, physical intrusion, and network outages. These datacenters are compliant with applicable industry standards for physical security and reliability; managed, monitored, and administered by Microsoft operations staff; and geographically dispersed. Microsoft uses highly secured access mechanisms, limited to a small number of operations personnel, who must regularly change their administrator access passwords. Datacenter access, and authority to open datacenter access tickets, is controlled by the network operations director in conjunction with local datacenter security practices.

Hosted Environment Security

  • The Windows Azure platform is designed to provide “Defense in Depth,” reducing the risk that failure of any one security mechanism will compromise the security of the entire environment. The Defense in Depth layers include: - Filtering Routers - Firewalls - Cryptographic Protection of Messages - Software Security Patch Management - Monitoring - Network Segmentation

Fault-Tolerance & Redundancy

  • The Windows Azure platform is designed to be fault-tolerant and redundant

Application Security Layer

  • NABD provides fine grained access control to different functions and data within the system.

Multi-Language Interface

Each user can use his local language interface. Utilize multi-lingual correspondence templates to meet local language requirements. currently supported versions English, Arabic

Monitoring Levels

Different dashboarding levels to monitor performance in real-time.

Audit Logs

Advanced Audit log to track all changes made to the system. Audit log captures user info, transaction type, values changed, and time stamps.

Knowledge Base

Enhance service support and reduce effort by arming your customer service agents and your customers with access to a knowledge base, a searchable online repository that provide resolutions to many customer cases with just few clicks.

Social Media Integration(Facebook and Twitter)

Turn Facebook posts and Tweets into cases with few clicks

Multiple pages and Twitter accounts

  • NABD can be configured to dispatch posts and tweets from multiple Facebook pages and Twitter accounts.


  • Posts and Tweets are placed in temporary queue for review and approval. Users can approve case creation, or purge pending posts.

Send response via templates or via free text reply

  • Responses to cases created from Facebook posts or Tweets can be sent using a pre-defined correspondence template within the case management workflow or can be sent using free test reply

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